Leaving EGYPT with charter flight

We draw your attention to the fact that entry into Egypt for citizens of Ukraine and Russia requires a visa. Upon arrival, before passing through passport control, you must purchase a visa at the VISA counter, its cost is $25. This visa entitles you to a single entry into the country and continuous stay in Egypt for up to 30 days. To visit Egypt, children under 18 do not need to purchase a visa if they are entered in the parents' passport. Only one visa is paid for one passport.

Upon arrival to the Sinai Peninsula, tourists can not apply for a visa and not pay $ 25. On the immigration card, tourists must write: SINAI ONLY. The passport will be stamped with the same text: SINAI ONLY. This stamp gives the right to stay only on the territory of the Sinai Peninsula for up to 15 days.

If the visa regime is violated, that is, the tourist will stay in the country for more than 28 days, the Egyptian authorities have the official right to impose a fine and impose restrictions on visiting the country. Please note that if tourists have been on a tourist visa for more than 30 days, departure from the country on a charter flight is not possible. Tourists should take regular flights.

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus and Moldova must obtain a visa at the Embassy. The right to provide documents for obtaining a visa at the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Kiev is given by a residence permit or registration in Ukraine. Women between the ages of 15 and 36 (citizens of Moldova) are required to additionally obtain an entry permit.


We remind you that due to the limitations provided by the legislation of Egypt:

- charter flights from Egypt are allowed for passengers staying in the country no more than 30 days. If passenger stayed more than 30 days, to use charter flight passenger must get permission from the Egyptian authorities or general manager of the airport.

- if a passenger arrives in Egypt on a regular flight through Cairo, then he should also take a regular flight back. Passengers arriving in Egypt by regular flights will not be allowed to check in for departure by charter flight.

- if a passenger has flown to Egypt by a charter flight, then it can fly by a charter flight only from the same city where it flew in (Hurghada / Hugada, Sharm / Sharm). Passengers arriving in Hurghada and departing from Sharm (and vice versa) will not be allowed to check-in for a departure on a charter flight.