Passport data


If you do not have your passport information at the time of booking, you can select the option "Enter your passport details later" when creating your reservation request.


You can add data after the reservation request has been created in the personal page, "Passengers" section. Make sure your passport is valid at the time of the trip, as there are restrictions for different countries.


You must enter full passport data not later than 3-5 days before departure.
When entering or correcting the data later than the specified period, the charterer of the flight may charge an additional fee. 


If in spelling of your name/surname you noticed a mistake, but it does not distort the essence and sounding of your name/surname, then do not worry, as rules allow up to 3 (three) inconsistencies in writing.
If there are more errors and they change the nature and sound of your name/surname, then you need to contact us to make changes to your booking.


To correct your passport data, you need to scan the passport and send it to us by mail, after that we will make changes to your reservation if it's possible.