Our project was created in order to inform travelers about current last minute offers of charter air tickets from leading tour operators of Ukraine.

Unlike regular flights, charters usually are not included in the official sale of tickets, their schedule you will not find in the display of regular flights at the airport. The right of the implementation of tickets for charter flights has only its contracting authorities or authorized agents, so passengers often do not even know about the existence of such flights and the possibility to purchasing tickets for these flights.

We are already used to the fact that charter flights are one of the components of the tourist package. But if there is a surplus of places or weak sales, charter tickets become available for free sale. 
The purpose of Chartershop is to allow the leading tour operators and other consolidators of similar flights to introduce potential clients with affordable for implementing charter tickets by placing ticket offers on this site.

Of course, the cost of charter tickets in such cases is much lower than the prices for regular flights. In addition, the closer the departure date, the lower the price of unsold tickets.

As a result, customers of Chartershop can buy tickets to the most popular tourist resorts at affordable prices. In addition, we are offering not only flights from Kiev, but from other major cities of Ukraine.

Please note that by "last minute deals" we mean flights within the next few dates. Due to the increased demand, there are standard prices at the peak (holiday) dates. Often during such periods sale of tickets separately from the charter tour package altogether is banned.

However, if you do not find among the available offers one you need for your dates or destination, you can send us a request to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we will try to offer the best option for you.
A full schedule of possible charter flights from the major cities of Ukraine you can also find on our website.

 ravel profitable with chartershop!